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10 Female Celebs Who Destroyed Their Faces With Plastic Surgery



Celebrity babes ought to be much better looking than us mere mortals, and thanks to the dough they make at acting or modeling, they’re able to afford the upkeep on their fine faces and figures. But while it’s safe to say that most women in Hollywood get a little something done to fight the aging process as necessary, some take it too far.

Whether from too much surgery or botched procedures, some formerly-beautiful stars show up looking like caricatures of their former selves. Eyebrows perma-arched thanks to Botox, cheeks puffed out with fillers, misshapen breasts due to bad implants—this is becoming a strange new normal.

Here are the 10 worst examples of celebrities we wish had just stayed the way they were. There is such a thing as aging gracefully, you know.


Melanie Griffith
Features (allegedly) altered: Lips, cheeks, forehead, eyesMelanie Griffith’s puffy cheeks are likely the result of injections of filler or fat following a facelift. She also appears to have had nips and tucks around the eyes. While the treatments have “fixed” one problem, they’ve caused another, as Melanie’s eyes are acquiring the cat-like shape common to many women who’ve over-surgeried. And her lips are a mess, larger than they used to be and lumpy in places.
Lisa Rinna
Features (allegedly) altered: Lips, breastsPlastic surgery can look fine at the time it’s done, but things can go bad as the years go by. That seems to be te case with Lisa, who had a silicone lip injection in the late ’80s. In the ’90s and 2000s her lips seemed to grow larger and lumpier as scar tissue built up around the silicone. In 2010, she underwent lip reduction surgery. She also had her boobs done, as Playboy readers learned in 1998 when they got an eyeful of her unnatural hooters.
Tori Spelling
Features (allegedly) altered: Breasts, cheeks, lipsThe giant breasts Tori, an apparent fan of Botox, sports on her slender frame are often look misshapen, with unappealing dents at the cleavage. Now that she’s a mom, she says she wishes she hadn’t gotten her girls done in her early 20s because the implants have hampered her ability to produce milk. Oh yeah, and they also look totally weird.
Lil’ Kim
Features (allegedly) altered: Lips, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, skinLil’ Kim looks like she read through the list of available facial procedures and told her plastic surgeon she’d take one of each. Her chin is pointier, her nose is pinched, her cheeks bulge unnaturaly. Add to that a super-lippy smile, maniacally bulging eyes, lighter skin and sinister eyebrows, and her future is clear: Next time Hollywood reboots the Batman franchise, Lil’ Kim will play the Joker.
Tara Reid
Features (allegedly) altered: Breasts, stomachTara Reid’s awful boob job and botched liposuction in her midsection came to light thanks to ill-advised bikini shots that made the American Pie star look old beyond her years. And who can forget the wardrobe malfunction in 2004, when a giant boob popped out at Diddy’s 35th birthday party and she went on smiling for the cameras, unaware that she was flashing worse than Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. She would later explain that she had no feeling in her breasts due to her augmentation, so she had no idea that one was on such prominent display.
Heidi Montag
Features (allegedly) altered: Eyebrows, cheeks, nose, chin, lips, neck, ears, breasts, butt, hips, thighsHeidi Montag of The Hills fame basically underwent a redesign in late 2009, and detailed the various fixes for People; the magazine proclaimed her “obsessed with being ‘perfect.'” The ten procedures: mini brow lift, Botox in her brow and frown line area, a revised nose job, fat injections in her cheeks and nasolabial folds and lips, a chin reduction, neck liposuction, her ears pinned back, breast augmentation, a buttock augmentation, and liposuction on her waist, hips, and inner and outer thighs. Unlike the other people on this list, Heidi didn’t emerge looking like a witch or goblin, but she doesn’t really look like Heidi either, nor can she really move her face.

Meg Ryan

Features (allegedly) altered: Lips, foreheadMeg Ryan hasn’t had a movie in theaters in nearly three years. The reason why, some say, is that she simply doesn’t have that America’s-sweetheart Meg Ryan look anymore, owing mostly to some atrocious lip plumpage. Her eyebrows also seem to be riding a bit higher than they used to, which implied Botox or some sort of surgical lift.

Latoya Jackson

Features (allegedly) altered: Nose, cheeks, foreheadLike her late brother Michael, Latoya seems bent on reducing her nose to a Voldemort-style pair of vents. At this point, it would be fair to call this bizarre, pinched and somewhat eroded schnozz the “Jackson nose.”Latoya was a very attractive girl, perhaps the most naturally good-looking of the three Jackson sisters. But now, thanks to that nose and the perma-surprised eyebrows (thank you, Botox) and lumpy cheeks (injected with something), she’s looking more feline than a human should.
Nikki Cox

Features (allegedly) altered: Lips, cheeksNikki Cox was one hot babe in her prime, with a face and body that magazines like Maxim and FHM couldn’t get enough of. And then came her head-scratching decision to inflate her lips to inhuman size. She’s only 34 for crying out loud; if she had taken no action, she’d still be a total fox.But as it stands, her distractingly bulbous lips have become an unwanted calling card. She hasn’t had a gig of any size since her run on Las Vegas, which ended in 2007. Is she just too lippy for TV these days? Shame if so.

Daryl Hannah

Features (allegedly) altered: Lips, cheeks, foreheadDaryl Hannah was one of the great movie beauties of the ’80s—the blonde feminine ideal in Blade Runner (1982), Splash (1984), Roxanne (1987) and Wall Street (1987). Today, she looks like she’s gone a few rounds with Mickey Rourke. Her face seems a bit swollen, which could be due to some filler in her cheeks. She’s also sporting the fish lips so popular among Hollywood ladies of a certain age (Hannah is 51) and her eyebrows are all funky, a common effect of over-Botoxing.

Credit: Complex
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