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12 Things Rihanna Doesn’t Want You To Know About Her



Rihanna is an award-winning singer and has been a fashion icon for a few years now. She’s pretty outspoken, even when it comes to personal things, and has been known to get into an online feud or two with a celebrity.

There’s also that extremely unfortunate incident that occurred between her and Chris Brown a few years ago. Rihanna sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey to talk about it, and even tried to rekindle her romance with Brown. Since then, Rihanna has allegedly dated rapper Drake (which may have been her way of making Chris Brown jealous) and Leonardo DiCaprio.

12. She’s Afraid of Ghosts

Rihanna witnessed an exorcism at a friend’s house in Barbados when she was a little girl. She states that “it’s funny now,” but at the time she was extremely frightened. Apparently, part of this experience has stayed with her, because she won’t visit Chateau Marmont due to her fear of ghosts. Rihanna insists that you can feel that the place is haunted and says that the hotel is “borrowed space.” She’s not the only famous person who feels that way, since a number of celebrities have confirmed supernatural sightings, and comedian John Belushi died of an overdose at Chateau Marmont. Hey, we’ve all got things that creep us out, and Rihanna is no different.

11. She Was Supposed To Be Katy Perry’s Maid of Honor

You may have seen the plethora of entertainment reports stating that Rihanna and Katy Perry were besties. Perry even asked Rihanna to be the maid of honor at her 2010 wedding to Russell Brand. However, Rihanna wasn’t able to make it to the wedding (which was in India), because she had to re-record some tracks for her Loud album. When Rihanna didn’t show up to the nuptials, the media tried to make it appear as though Katy Perry and Rihanna were in a feud. Perhaps they were (missing a wedding is a pretty big deal), but there’s a good chance Rihanna doesn’t want you to know what really happened. She may be open about her own life, but she’s pretty protective when it comes to her friends.

10. She Got a Marijuana Bouquet for Valentine’s Day In 2013,

Rihanna received a pretty unconventional Valentine’s Day present—a bouquet of marijuana. Obviously, the gift was from someone who knows the singer and fashionista pretty well. Sources are pretty sure the bouquet was a present from Chris Brown, since the two were together that Valentine’s Day, and it had long been reported that the two R&B stars enjoyed getting high together. While Rihanna has admitted that she has an affinity for marijuana, and has even posted a few Instagram pics of her “enjoying herself,” she probably doesn’t want you to know that she got a whole bouquet of the herb.

9. She Had Severe Headaches As a Kid

When she was younger, Rihanna had serious headaches, almost on a daily basis. She says that she didn’t tell anyone how she was feeling, and would go to school and pretend that everything was fine. Chronic headaches can be a sign of nerve damage, but they can also come as a result of stress. When children experience headaches this often, it could be because they are upset about something going on at home. Unfortunately, Rihanna had a lot to be concerned about when it came to her family. Her father was abusive towards her mother, and her parents ended up divorcing when she was 14.

8. She’s Seen Her Father Struggle

This is a memory no child would ever want. When Rihanna was younger, she walked in on her dad smoking crack in their home in Barbados. Rihanna’s dad struggled with substance abuse for much of her childhood. The singer has stated that her relationship with her father has been up and down for most of her life. Rihanna stated during her interview with Oprah that she loves her father and is trying to understand him. She also admitted that her relationship choices (i.e. choosing men with addiction and violence issues) was largely due to her father’s behavior and what was deemed “normal” in their home.

7. She’s Pretty Much Addicted to Junk Food

It must take lots of expensive products and countless hours of working out to keep Rihanna looking her best. While you haven’t actually seen her endorsing any health foods or exercise programs, she probably doesn’t want you to know that she loves junk food. It has been reported that Rihanna’s tour rider is filled with requests for junk food. One of her favorites is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. We know what you’re thinking. Junk food is especially appealing to people who have the munchies. Junk food is also comfort food to some people, and since things haven’t been going so well in the relationship department for Rihanna, perhaps she ‘s content with getting a pint of ice cream or a bag of potato chips to keep her company—for now.

6. She Goes Into The Audience Before Her Shows

Sometimes, Rihanna disguises herself as an audience member and goes into the crowd before the show starts. She often wears a hoodie so fans will have a hard time recognizing her. Rihanna says if anyone notices her, she’s “too close for them to freak out,” so fans will likely just smile and wave frantically. Rihanna likely does this to get a feel for the audience’s energy before going on stage. Of course, she’s always got security with her in case one of her fans tries to get crazy. Even when she’s trying to be “one of the people,” Rihanna still has to keep in mind that she’s an international superstar.

5. She Takes A Shot Before Going Onstage

Rihanna likes to take a shot of some type of liquor before each performance. She does this to calm her nerves and loosen up so she can give her fans the entertaining show they came for. The shot of liquor is just the final part of her vocal preparation regimen, though. Before this, she steams her vocal chords and sucks on lozenges so her voice is in its best condition before performing. Of course, Rihanna has also been known to take a few swigs of “liquid courage” while on the stage as well. We’re guessing this is for the shows that she’s especially nervous about.


4. She’s (Kind Of) A Pageant Queen


When Rihanna attended Combermere High School in Barbados, she won the school’s beauty pageant, and the title of Miss Combermere. This is probably a secret Rihanna wouldn’t mind keeping under wraps, since she’s all about female empowerment and encourages women to take control of their careers and S3xuality. Rihanna was also expected to perform when she won her title, and she chose to wow the crowd by singing Hero, by Mariah Carey. It was a pretty popular tune among beauty queens in years past, so that’s probably the real reason Rihanna doesn’t exactly broadcast this part of her life in interviews


3. She Str!ps After Shows


Rihanna is pretty much the poster child for being comfortable with your body, but she admits that she wasn’t always this way. During her Oprah interview, Rihanna stated that she had to “act S3xy” in order to convince herself that being seductive was nothing to be ashamed of. After her performances, Rihanna likes to go to her dressing room and Str!p down to her fishnet stockings for about 30 minutes or so, according to Esquire magazine. Apparently, being Nak3d is a form of relaxation for her, but it’s probably not something she wants the paparazzi to get any pictures of.


2. She Felt “Boxed In”


At the Start of Her Career Artists generally avoid talking about their music labels or managers in a way that could be perceived as negative. That’s probably why Rihanna chose her words carefully when she stated that she felt “claustrophobic” at the beginning of her career. She stated that the executives at Def Jam didn’t wanted her to wear clothes that were too revealing. She wasn’t even allowed to wear red lipstick (which has now become one of her trademarks) because the record label wanted her to be more appealing to a younger demographic. Obviously, a lot of that has changed, since many of the people listening to Rihanna’s music and getting fashion cues from her are adults.


1. She Has  A“Favorite” Song

Rihanna’s favorite song used to be Umbrella, and millions of people around the world shared that sentiment. However, after she recorded the song Diamonds, it became her new favorite. Artists don’t always like to tell you which of their songs is their favorite, because they don’t want to sway the preferences of the public. Rihanna states that Diamonds is a pretty powerful tune, and that the lyrics really suck you in, even if you’re in the club and just trying to dance and have a good time. This is probably also a detail Rihanna doesn’t talk about too often, because fans like their artists humble, yet self-assured, and it can be hard to achieve that balance.
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