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21-Year-Old Man Who Got Huge Neck Tattoo In Tribute To Late Grand Dad Can’t Get A Job






He spent £250 on the design in a tribute to his late grandfather, but after 30 recent interviews, he is still on the hunt for work.

Fed-up Joe, from Collyhurst, North Manchester, said: “As soon as I sit down they [employers] look me in the eyes and then I see their gaze drop down to my neck where they stay for a few seconds. Then they look up again and go on with the interview.
I can tell they are pre-judging me even before the interview has started.”



Tattoo 0?resize=640%2C480

It has forced Joe to wear high-necked shirts in a bid to cover up the tattoo – but the wings still peek out above the collar line.

He added:

“Before I got the tattoo people thought I was a happy, confident person. Now it feels like people think I’m full of myself and that I don’t give a damn. That’s just not who I am. I’m just a normal person and all I want is a decent job.
There’s definitely a stigma attached which there shouldn’t be. I do think it’s a form of discrimination.
“It’s not down to the skills I have and in every interview they haven’t given me a good reason. Now I feel like I’ve got ‘don’t hire me’ written all over my neck.

“I don’t want to get it removed. It means so much to me.”

Joe went under the needle in November 2016 while working at Stockport biscuit factory.

He was forced to leave his job in January to take care of his mum after she was attacked in the street.

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Source:THE SUN

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