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At 26 Fetty Wap Expecting 7th Child With 7th Baby Mama



Rapper Fetty Wap has become a baby making machine. He just revealed that he’s expecting two more kids from two different women in addition to the five he already has.

At just 26, Fetty already has kids from five different baby mamas. Earlier in the year, he confirmed that he was expecting his 6th child with his girlfriend Alexis Skyy. And just recently, during an interview, he revealed Alexis isn’t the only woman carrying his child at the moment. He’s expecting another child with someone else.

The identity of Fetty’s newest baby mama is not known but she is reportedly a Caucasian and works in the music industry.

“I provide. I was put on this earth to be a provider. That’s why God put me in the position I am now,” he explained during the interview as he revealed he takes care of all his kids and their mothers.

When asked the sex of the baby he was expecting, he said, “A boy and a girl”, thereby revealing he has two on the way.

If he continues at the rate he’s currently going, he’d have formed a football team before he’s thirty years old. Lol

Watch the interview below.


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