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50 Cent’s Son & Chris Brown’s Daughter Hang Out Over The Weekend



Love is in the air as we report on the newest of Hollywood’s power couples: Royalty Brown and Sire Jackson. Just kidding! Chris Brown’s daughter and 50 Cent’s son met up for a playdate over the weekend and posed for an adorable picture in between their play.


A photo of the two was shared on Instagram, showing the celebrity kids
fooling around as Sire makes a funny face and Roro cheeses for the pic. Sire is undeniably 50’s son. One look at him and it’s incredibly apparent due to their vast similarities in facial characteristics.

Although Fifty and Breezy are not pictured, it appears as though the kids were with their mothers or a nanny, given the following video of Royalty speaking to a female voice.

Chris’ daughter cutely tells the woman that she “needs a little more of her love,” informing the woman that she learned to say that from Breezy himself. Such a gentleman.

Whether or not the two regularly hang out is unclear, but they both have potential to become forces in the entertainment world, should they choose to continue in artistic careers.

With 50 Cent a mogul in the television and music industries, there is no doubt Sire will have plenty of career options in the field.

Likewise, if Royalty is blessed with the same natural talent as her father, she can make an impact on the music world next decade.

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