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African Athletes Win 12 Gold Medals For Bahrain At The 2018 Asian Games




Bahrain might be a small country, but when it comes to athletics it’s one of the biggest in Asia right now. And this is because they have a formidable force of African athletes representing the country in competitions. In fact, African athletes won all of Bahrain’s 12 gold medals at the 2018 Asia Games!




Since recruiting athletes from other countries through naturalization is totally legal. Bahrain took it to the next level by naturalizing athletes from all over Africa, who’ve now helped the country reach the top of the table in athletics.

According to AFP, 10 of the athletes who represented Bahrain in individual athletics events were from Africa, and among the two relay teams, only two athletes were not from Africa. They all won gold medals.

The athletes are from countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco. Obviously, these countries are powerhouses in athletics in Africa, so competition among athletes is understandably high – which must be why they wholeheartedly accepted to switch allegiance to Bahrain.



In addition, most African countries have a record of treating athletes like shit and paying them peanuts. So, these athletes are simply after good pay and good treatment.

Whichever it is, some countries who missed out on gold medals at Asia Games are saying Bahrain’s arrangement distorts the competition in many ways. The controversy is so loud that The Indian Expresslisted athletes who suffered at the hands of these ‘Out of Africa’ athletes.

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