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African Food Network Presents African Food & Drink Festival In Abuja



More than just a food fest: African Food & Drinks Festival makes its delicious debut this September.

African music and fashion have always had a consistent momentum and exposure in mainstream society however, African food has not. For one day, African Food Network wants to transform Abuja into a celebration of food culture from all corners.

Nigeria’s leading food platform aims to bring thousands of food lovers together to eat and drink from an extensive selection served up by some of the best chefs, restaurants, and street food vendors in Abuja.

Since 2014, African Food Network have aimed at promoting and showcasing the rich African culture through our local foods in Nigeria and all over Africa. This food festival showcases food lovers, vendors, chefs and different delicious meals from different parts of Africa, having fun together in each other’s company.

This event is powered by African Food Network, the biggest food brand in Africa with a loyal fan base across Africa who are lovers of African Food, looking at taking our local culture and food as a whole to the global community. This maiden event will be held in Abuja, Nigeria.

This event seeks to celebrate and promote African food culture, showcase chef’s food vendors, restaurants and food lovers, highlight the rich agricultural products coming out of Africa and entertain guests with the rich African culture.

There will be an atmosphere of entertainment and party at this festival as it truly showcases the style and culture of African food. Featuring chef battle and cookouts, eating competition, food trivia, influencers challenge and lots of freebies, this festival promises to be amazing.

Along with tastings, demonstrations, and mini-cooking lessons, bites and sips from a dynamic selection of Abuja’s up and coming vendors, you’ll find pop ups from African celebrity chefs, aspiring chefs, and hobbyist cooks, and more, plus DJ’s, musicians and artists to make sure the festivities go long into the night.

As it is known, African food varies from country to country on the continent. However, the flavor makes one know its origin. This festival will provide the opportunity for chefs to strut their kitchen skills and food lovers can have firsthand experience.

With over 5000 unique cuisines prepared in this rich black continent, the world is yet to see enough of all this amazing recipes and cooking methodology that traces us back to the origin and connecting our body with mother nature. African food network provides an opulent hub for different foods recipes within the numerous tribes and nations in Africa, recipes are sourced from different authors around the globe and provides a section where one can submit a recipe which would be shared on the platform as well.

Aside the fact that Africa has a large database of food recipes, African Food Network stresses on the need for African chefs and traditional cooks to be celebrated. African food network started off as just a mere website with less than 50 recipes. Now, it has turned to a powerhouse with over 1500 recipes sourced from different authors. They are flexing their muscles as a hub for African recipes”.

African Food Network is more than a brand or business. It’s a movement and as long as Africa continues to exist, it would grow alongside it. African Food Network is an online recipe directory for African Foods, recipes are sourced from different food authors, bloggers and chefs across the globe. With over 15 million reach and 25 million impressions generated monthly across digital platforms, it currently has 1 million dedicated fan base and thousands of daily visitors on the website.

African food and drinks festival as it is called will opens doors to food lovers and entrepreneurs willing to experience the unique taste of African Food and its promotion.

Beyond the food, will be a network of people coming together to celebrate the heritage of African food and explore abysmal opportunities. Such opportunities as promoting brands as these brands are definitely in line with the theme of the festival.

Vendors will find that, beyond the sales, African food & drinks festival is a more effective marketing tool for their respective businesses. Participants also have the opportunity to key into pre-event promotion and further gain more exposure from participation.

The festival aims to promote vendors who show adventure and ingenuity with their creations. The team seeks food service providers, who, individually or as a collective, will offer a unique menu, prepare meals quickly, and operate self-sufficiently.

You cannot afford to be on the dulling side for this. Get ready for a different kind of groove this season at the Biggest African Food Festival.

In other words, the inimitable spices, aromas, and styles of your favorite African cuisine will be at your fingertips and on your lips, come September 26th at Tobix Gardens and Park Abuja. When all is said and done, Folks just need to come and have good food, a great experience, and a lot of good laughs.


All Covid -19 procedures and protocols applies.

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