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American Instagram Model Removes Her Silicone Butt




An American Instagram and fitness model recently underwent a removal and reconstructive surgery to get all the silicone removed from her butt.

The lady known as @getbodiedbyj on Instagram shared shocking photos from the surgery and gave an update on the operation.

The first photo shows her laying on the hospital bed after she was operated on.

She wrote: ‘1 Day Post REMOVAL & reconstruction of silicone, YES they CUT it out & suggesting more reconstructive surgery because the silicone was embedded within my skin, fat, muscle & tissue all the good stuff that I NEED, right now IDK if I want to go through this again. SO I’m just focusing on healing! PSA?I don’t post pics for pity or sympathy I post to EDUCATE! So if you can’t appreciate that & want to be negative while I’m trying to spread positivity & LIGHT just UNFOLLOW because No one has time for ignorance?? I have my journey highlighted on my page under Butt shots because people are asking me the same questions over & over.’

In her second post, where she shared an extremely graphic photo of her operated butt, the wife and mother, revealed she’s now fighting an infection from the surgery and prays it doesn’t cause her a necrotic tissue that will have to be cut out.

She wrote: ‘GRAPHIC: 2 Days Post surgery! ALL the silicone is GONE! @drmendieta tried to reconstruct! I pray I will heal fine without needing anymore reconstruction! I don’t mind my butt being smaller I JUST WANT TO BE HEALTHY! I CHOSE TO REMOVE THEM FOR ME! I know with the knowledge I have in fitness now (intaking macros & strength training) That I can build my butt! Right now I’m fighting an infection from surgery & praying I don’t have necrotic tissue that will have to be cut out. Which will be a whole other wound I’ll have to deal with & heal from. For those asking how long will it take for me to workout again? Idk 4-6 Months or up to a YEAR! This is nothing to PLAY WITH! WISH I’d known better back in 2010 when I made such a poor choice! LADIES PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t let ANYONE bring you down & tell you YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! LOVE YOURSELF FIRST YOU’RE .’

See photos before her surgery below…

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