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Anthony Joshua is Britain’s biggest earner in boxing



Anthony Joshua is Britain’s biggest name in boxing.

The two time world champion also has an Olympic gold medal to his name after securing victory in the 2012 London Games.

Joshua’s huge success has netted him a fortune with the 30-year-old estimated to be worth a staggering £61million.

And the Watford-born fighter isn’t afraid of splashing his hard fought for earnings, shelling out for luxury holidays, cars and homes.

But none of his extravagant purchases have been for himself – instead he buys them for his loved ones.

It isn’t just his friends and family who have benfited from the boxing superstar’s huge generosity.

He makes sure others benefit from his incredible achievements and pays for children in his own community to be educated.

Joshua also pays for medical care for other young people from his community.

Those who have helped the Watford-born sportsman on his path to glory have also been thanked, with Joshua

An source close to the boxer told The Sun Online : “He could have bought himself a mansion years ago but that has been his last priority because he’s made sure everyone else was sorted first.

“The gifts aren’t him being flash, it’s him showing his gratitude.”

When he hit the big time, the first person the GB medallist wanted to thank was his devoted mum, Yeta Odusanya.

She has always been right behind her son and Joshua credits Yeta, a social worker, for helping him turn his life around.

He regularly praises her incredible support in emotional social media posts and she’s definitely the most important woman in his life.

Even as his success explode, Joshua still lived with his beloved mum in a modest two-bedroom home in an ex-council estate in North London.

The home they shared was Joshua’s first massive gift for Yeta following his gold medal in 2012.

At the time he said: “We’re back together. It’s great.”

But as the 6ft 6ins boxer’s wins racked up he was able to buy a huge home to share with his mum and son.

And when lockdown was introduced, his niece and cousin moved in so they could all be together.

Joshua said: “We are all aware there is a pandemic happening across the world but fortunately none of my family have had any tragic losses or massive effects from the virus.

And while Yeta was a single mum after she and Joshua’s dad, Robert, split up when he was 12 the superstar is still close to his dad.

And the world champ has never forgotten his first trainer, Sean Murphy of Finchley Amateur Boxing Club.

The pair still meet up every week and Sean has said he is still the same lad he was when he first started boxing.

He added: “Josh is a down-to-earth, nice person and that’s down to his mum and dad who have taught him right from wrong and made him very respectful.”

Even thought the couple are no longer together, he made sure she was comfortable in a £500,000 penthouse in North London.

Being as successful as Anthony Joshua requires not just a huge effort from the man himself but also those behind him.

And AJ is very grateful to the team who support him throughout his sporting achievements.

He makes sure he rewards their efforts with lavish holidays, luxury shopping trips, extravagant nights out and flies them around the world on private jets.

Many of those closest to Joshua are those he’s known since he was a child, including friends from school, his cousin Ben and other relatives.

Sean explained: “He’s got a good crew around him and most of them are his personal friends from way back – people he can trust.”

The boxing coach has been one of the lucky ones to travel thanks to AJ’s big heart.

The boxer flew Sean, his wife, and the other coaches from the gym where he first trained out to New York for an all expenses paid holiday when he was fighting in the States.

They spent three days before the bout and three days after in a luxury hotel, with Joshua picking up the tab.

AJ might drive the fanciest fleet of cars around – but he hasn’t speny a penny on them as his sponsors Jaguar Land Rover have given them to him for free.

However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t forked out some of his hard-earned cash to buy the very best motors for those closest to him.

Sean was given a £95,000 BMW back in 2017 – and it was so hi-tech he struggled to drive it, much to AJ’s amusement.

The coach, who is a builder by trade and says he’s more used to vans, joked: “I couldn’t even start it when I got in it because it’s keyless. He was just laughing at me struggling.”

For AJ, Sean is the one who set him on the path to greatness.

He drives flash cars but hasn’t paid a penny for any of them
He drives flash cars but hasn’t paid a penny for any of them (Image: Instagram)
He explained: “It was at my first boxing club where I learned discipline. How to forget your ego and listen to instructions if you want to achieve things.

“These guys will always have their door open for me, no matter what. I’ll never forget who has been there when no one was.”

And obviously his mum was one of the first to get a new car because of her famous son.

He organised for Jaguar Land Rover to get her a top of the range Range Rover when her old car broke down.

When one of the coaches at his former gym fell ill, Joshua paid him to have a private appointment at Harley Street.

He has also shelled out for physio sessions for another trainer at the gym and makes sure it has the best equipment his money can buy, including punching bags.

And if any fanmail is sent to the gym for him, AJ replies to it personally.

If his amazing acts of generosity weren’t enough to convince everyone that Anthony Joshua is an all round great guy – his incredible selfless acts surely will.

He takes his position as a role model seriously and returns to his former gym to do all he can to help the young people there achieve their potential.

Sean said: “One of the boys was struggling at school, he wasn’t getting on there, so Josh took him aside and said ‘I’ve signed you a glove, if you pass your GCSEs you can get the glove’.

“The boy was on the floor crying.”

The junior boxers at AJ’s first gym are also treated to tickets to his fights and has even bought a minibus for them.

Not content with providing transport, Joshua pimped it out with leather seats, a TV and a Playsation.

When AJ fought Klitschko he donated 40 tickets to the gym and said they should be given to the young people who had worked the hardest in their training.

Sean said: “All the kids were up in the Royal Box. They were so chuffed, it was a great day out.”

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