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Anthony Martial Apologizes To His Baby Mama After He Was Caught Texting A Lady While She Was 8 Months Pregnant



MANCHESTER United ace Anthony Martial tonight apologised to his fiancée following revelations he sent sex texts to a model behind her back when she was eight months pregnant.

The £75,000-a-week French winger, 23, took to Instagram to admit he had “made mistakes” after The Sun told how he got steamy with model Malika Semichi, 20, after meeting her at a Paris nightclub.

Martial wrote: “I would like to apologize to my relatives, my beautiful family and especially my fiancée for the harm I have done in recent months!

“I made mistakes and I’m sorry it will not happen again!”

In December, it was reported the day after meeting Martial, French Malika started receiving X-rated messages and pictures apparently taken at The Lowry hotel, Manchester.

She said: “To start with it was just innocent stuff like ‘how are you doing’ and silly selfies.

“But then he started asking more and more personal questions. He seemed really into me.

“I knew he had a girlfriend with a baby on the way, but I just tried to put it to the back of my mind.”

Malika said Martial asked her to send naked pictures and videos and sent her X-rated snaps.

She added: “In one of the messages he asked me for a threesome but I wouldn’t do that.”

“He was pestering me for a meet-up. He said I’d have to come and see him in Manchester so no one would see us. He was so scared of his girlfriend finding out.

“I entertained it for a bit because I’d liked him so much. But I knew how wrong it was. He had a three-month-old baby at home.

“If the circumstances were different I definitely would have pursued a relationship with him.

“As it stands, I think he should be ashamed of himself.”

The player’s behaviour raised questions about the dedication of Mourinho’s players after the team’s shocking start to the season.

Martial met Malika at the upmarket Hobo nightclub in early June, shortly after France manager Didier Deschamps stunned fans by leaving him out of the 2018 World Cup squad.

At the time, his girlfriend Melanie Da Cruz was eight months pregnant with their son Swan.

Malika said: “I was out with some friends. Anthony was sitting at a table close to mine and kept looking over at me.

“Eventually I went over to talk to him and he asked me to dance. He said he was nervous because he was afraid someone would see us together.

“Before he left, he asked for my Snapchat and gave me his. He messaged me on there the very next day, and almost every day for the next two weeks.”

However, the day after the cheat storm broke, Martial posted an Instagram image of him and his girlfriend in a defiant response.

The caption was in French, but translated as: “There will always be bad people, jealous in this world who will be ready to tell lots of bulls**t to be able to exist but thanks to God I know on which way I go with the best by my side.”

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