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APC Should Encourage Tinubu To Say More Because There’s A Lot He’s Buckling Up – Sambo



Sumner Sambo has said that there is a lot about the ruling government that ordinary Nigerians do not know. Following Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s statement in Abeokuta yesterday, Summer Sambo urged the All Progressives Congress to encourage Bola Ahmed Tinubu to say more as there is a lot of things he has in his mind.

Sumner Sambo said this when he appeared on Arise , while reacting to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s statement that the fuel scarcity and shortage of new Naira notes are being used to sabotage his chances of winning the forthcoming presidential election.

According to Summer Sambo, there is so much about the APC-led federal government, APC itself and APC Presidential Campaign that Bola Ahmed Tinubu knows so much about that people don’t know about, which Tinubu needs to tell Nigerians.

He said that he thinks that people in the people in the All Progressives Congress should encourage Bola Ahmed Tinubu to say more because there is a lot he is buckling up actually. He added that Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s statement in Abeokuta yesterday is almost like an indictment.

Speaking further, he said politically, it is damaging for Tinubu to make such comment, adding that he does not know why Tinubu is so fascinated with Abeokuta; where he had earlier said that it is his turn to be President.

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