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August Alsina Reveals He Is Hospitalized Due To Losing Ability To Walk



After losing the capacity to walk Singer August Alsina was hospitalized.

Alsina disclosed a video of himself lying in a hospital bed at Instagram on Monday. He started in the clip, “Hi, guys, this is August. I’m in the hospital, as you may likely say. Then, this is the stitch: one day I woke up and could not walk.”

The singer reported: “We have been doing a lot of tests and they tell me that there is a certain amount of nervous harm throughout my body. So, I’m just waiting for it and we can meet together, man, ” Alsina said to the fans. Although he was in a state, Alsina succeeded in understanding the situation and said to his supporters. He also showed his hospital walker.

“You know me, it gets me from point A to point B!”Alsina was playing.

In the title of the post-Alsina said that he had to miss the Essence Festival in New Orleans for his hospitalization over the weekend.

“I very seriously take my profession and your time, and the fact that you people show up forever for me. Means the world! Means the world! Right now I am the guy down, and I ought to share.”

“My autoimmune illness is furious, but I am struggling to make you feel this & on my mission,” Alsina added he is writing new music, I’ve got so many things to share with you to and giving Big Love. In 2017 Alsina showed that he is experiencing an autoimmune disease that attacks his liver.

When he collapsed on stage in New York in 2014, Alsina terrified fans, and in 2015, he showed that he must have surgery on his eyes because of a disease of the eye which made him blind. If the events related to his autoimmune disease, it is not instantly evident.

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