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#BBNaija 2018 Day 4: Housemates Lose 7% Of Their Wager




The #bbnaija Housemates are beginning to acclimatise with the rules of big brother, even as they lost 75 percent of their BB Naira shopping allowance.

At the beginning of the week Big Brother gave the #bbnaija Housemates a Task on self-expression and the bright-eyed, optimistic Housemates Wagered 75 percent of their BB Naira shopping allowance. The unfortunate thing is that they didn’t even get a chance to do the Task Presentation, even as they lost 75 percent of their BB Naira shopping allowance.

It appeared the housemates failed to follow the rules of biggie either because they forgot that there are both spoken and unspoken rules or simply because they didn’t want to.

Big Brother has made the rules very clear, but the #bbnaija Housemates seems to have been acting like they’re at a holiday resort, going out of their way to break them. This perhaps prompted biggie to discipline them in a painful manner.

Some of the rules big brother made the #bbnaija housemates know they have broken include not speaking purely in English and Pidgin English, failing to adhere to the microphone rules and taking their time to go to the Diary Room.

Others include, coming into the Diary Room without their tops on
Living in a dirty house and failing to listen to the Ninjas.

Perhaps as a result of this, the A-team confessed in their Diary Sessions that they had a leadership problem and that they had subsequently compiled a last minute presentation. Many team members also complained about Khloe’s ‘dictatorship’ leading style, telling Biggie that they would have kicked her out if they could.

Khloe on her part however felt te group were misunderstanding her, as she wanted them to work however first and deal with other things later. Khloe seems to truly understand herself and stands firm on the fact that she is a straight shooter, but how will this serve her in the #bbnaija house?
Also, with things being a game of pairs, how will Khloe’s actions affect her partner K.Brule’s?

The Black Knights on their part all seemed to be well prepared in the lead up to the Task Presentation, but appeared in the Arena in mis-matched apparel. Some members were dressed in the colours of the came A-team and this made biggie disappointed the more.

After losing their wager, Vandora emphasized that they need to be accountable to each other, and that they must help each other for things to work out.

Only time will tell if the #bbnaija 2018 Housemates will change their wild ways, work together and adhere to Big Brother’s rules, if not, harsher punishments maybe in the books for them causing double wahala, don’t you think?

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