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#BBNaija 2018 Day 6: The First Saturday Turn Up Makes Housemates Groovy



Every single one of the twenty housemates in the #bbnaija house couldnt wait for the saturday turn up and they sure had fun to the fullest.

From the fashion and dance moves to the general attitude of the housemates, everything and everyone seemed to be on high frequency.

The theme of the first party of the #bbnaija 2018 house was “freestyle” and Biggie gave the Housemates a free hand to decorate the party room and everyone. The housemates were in such high spirits that even the controversial Khloe got involved too.

The energy in the house was a positivve one, even as Miracle, Cee-C and Tobi were in charge of coordinating the dance moves in the garden. Vandora and Alex spent time were twerking inside and even Nina was getting into the swing of things, practicing her moves in the mirror.

The mood of the #bbnaija housemates toom a wild turn as soon as big brother announced that they could go wild in the Payporte closet.

Leo decided to go for a yellow double breasted dinner jacket, while Cee-C chose a sequin bodycon. Rico went for a 90’s vibes while Miracle looked super chic and slick in a Burberry shirt, Alex was super sexy in a red jumpsuit and BamBam looked elegant as ever in a royal blue dress.

Nina and Vandora were almost unrecognizable in blonde wigs while Khloe went for a much more serious look in an all black ensemble. In short, all of the #bbnaija housemates underwent full transformation as everyone put their best fashion foot forward and had fun with it.

DJ Snipes was on the wheels of tunes and he didnt disappoint as he churned out the hottest Naija jams, which had the #bbnaija housemates feeling the party and themselves better.

Alex was the star of the dancefloor for the night, as she flexed her moves confidently through different songs. Cee-C and Tobi looked like a romantic couple together on the dance floor, as they synched and blended in perfect harmony, even with their matching outfits.

Vandora looked stunning on the dance floor which was quite surprising as she appears to be the more reserved type. Leo was strutting his stuff like no other and BamBam was having her own party outside.

Miracle on his part danced very little and this seemed weird, especially given the fact that he had previously been showing his style and swag in the garden earlier in the day. Anto also didnt do much but kill things of with her apparent sense of self and total coolness.

The K couple, Khloe and K.Brule got extremely close during the party, even though they were both seen dancing with other people. Cee-C and Tobi were glued to each other throughout, even as Bitto shuffled between Princess and BamBam.

Nina and Miracle spent some time together on the dance floor but other than that, the two #bbnaija Housemates were more in the mood to just have a good time and dance.

One thing that was clear from the first saturday night party was the fact that it brought all the housemates closer and left them high and happy afterwards.

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