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#BBNaija 2018 Day 7: Housemates Battle For The Head Of House Task




Big brother has all but made it know that the #bbnaija house is his domain and he exercises full control over everyone and everything in it.

This perhaps is the reason why biggie set asides rules for the #bbnaija housemates to abide by and also to do as he pleases. One of such rules that biggie has set out is the weekly task to determine who becomes the head of house.

The winner of the head of house task will have a certain level of authority over the other #bbnaija housemates for the duration of his or her leadership. More so, the auspicious title will afford the winner of the task luxuries and a certain degree of immunity.

The Big Brother House spots the ‘Head of House’ and it plays a major role in the eventual turn of ‘events’ in the House. All this and more have made the #bbnaija housemates realise the importancd of landing thcroen and emerging head of the house.

It however seems like the ladies in the#bbnaija house are taking things a little easy and the guys seem more serious in the race for the crown.

Big brother in his characteristic manner came out to play once again and came along with his tricks. Instead of the normal schedule, big brother summoned the #bbnaija housemates in pairs to the Arena for the Head of House Task qualifier.

Team K_square were summoned, but they could only observe and cheer as they are serving their time in the punishment cells as a result of the strike the got from biggie.

The Task required the housemates to walk in the park with an egg and spoon in hand but that didnt in any wy make the stakes lower. The guys didnt see it as a pageant ,as they gave the ladies no chance at all, bringing their all to the task.

After the housemates fought hard at the task, Teddy A and Tobi were able to bring their eggs in time for the hatch and they came out tops. What this means is that their respective partners, Bambam and Cee-C are also in run for the luxurious seat of the majesty. Teddy A and Bam Bam will be battling it out with the reigning igwe pair Tobi and Cee-C.

It appears Tobi is not yet ready to hand over the crown and we are guessing this is due to the fact that he realises he is in competition with Teddy A over Cee-C and the money.

However, it could be he is just in it to win it. Whatever his motives are will surely be revealed when the actual tak takes place and also with time.

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