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#BBNaija 2018 Day 8: Big Brother Sets Up Fake Nominations




Big brother decided to turn things up and raise the anxiety levels of the #bbnaija housemates by setting up fake nominations.

Biggie had the #bbnaija Housemates gather in the living room to await his instructions, unaware that the Nominations were just a joke. Big brother called on a representative from each pair into the Diary Room for them to decide in forty-five seconds who – not one, but two pairs for possible Eviction.

Soon enough, the representative of each pair stepped into the diary room and the nominations begun. Bitto who represented the Pritto pair nominated Bamteddy and K_Square. The pair of Loto was represented by Anto and they nominated Angelifu and K_Square without a blink for possible eviction from the #bbnaija house, despite the fact that Ifu Ennada liked her pretty much.

Up next was vandora who spoke on behalf of Van-Dee and they named Angelifu and dropped Loto upon hearing Biggie’s repeated instructions. Ahneeka took her time to think and exhaled before she finally chose Mina and Prito all the while tapping her fingers onto the chair’s edge.

Khloe on behalf of K_Square jumped at the occasion to vote Mina and Prito out as the dynamics between the three pairs are not particularly vibrant given Khloe’s dictatorial tendencies since being in the #bbnaija house.

When it got to the turn of Leo who represented Leolex, he could be seen biting his lips and nervously looking down before softly voicing Angelifu and Prito, as if he was betraying fellow #bbnaija Housemates. Then Biggie called Bamteddy, and Teddy A made his way to the room to declare K_Square and Mina has his choice for nominations for eviction.

Biggie’s fake nominations soon had Miracle walk into the diary room and on behalf of Mina, he chose K_Square and Angelifu. As for Angelifu, it was clear from Ifu Ennada’s awkward look that she was reluctant to drop the names of K_Square and Leolex.

The first nomination session in the #bbnaija 2018 house was rounded up by Head of House Tobi. On behalf of himself and Cee-C, he promptly suggested to biggie to let Prito and Loto go.

At the conclusion of the Nominations, Biggie named all the pairs up for Eviction. Upon hearing his name, K.Brule opened his eyes widely and uttered a swear word. He was obviously worried. The Mina pair looked down, while Britto slid into his chair and blew a kiss with his left hand to his fellow #bbnaija Housemates.

Then Big Brother called upon the reappointed Head of House, Tobi to use his veto to save and replace one of the pairs up for Eviction or risk forfeiting his immunity. In less than twenty seconds, and in the name of their budding bromance, Tobi chose to save Mina over Bamteddy.

We cant wait to see the surprise on the faces of the #bbnaija housemates when they discover that the nominations are fake.

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