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BBNaija 2020: ‘I Feel Like He Took Advantage Of My Weakness‘ – Former Housemate Lilo Speaks On Relationship With Eric



Second housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Naija show, Lilo Aderogba popularly known as Lilo has admitted she lost focus on the game by getting carried away by her emotions for a fellow housemate, Eric.

Before her eviction on Sunday, August 2, Lilo during a diary session mentioned to Big Brother that Eric was becoming a distraction.

She then decided to withdraw from him, however this never happened as their relationship intensified immediately she left the diary room. Sadly, she was evicted alongside Ka3na.

Sharing some experiences with the host of the show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu in her first interview outside the house, Lilo disclosed that she feels happy leaving the BBnaija House because her relationship with fellow housemate, Eric starting to crossing boundaries.

Lilo also told Ebuka that she felt like she was being used by Eric because she displayed her weakness whenever they are together.

In her words, the evicted housemate said;

I feel like I put my feelings and emotions before my goals, I was like carried away. I would not say there was a strategy. I came in to be myself and to actually show the world me. I was taking my time to actually get familiar with the house.

Everything was just in a rush. Everything happened too fast. Me being in the house, being my feelings. Everything happened so fast and I just couldn’t digest it all.

When asked if Eric also happened so fast, she responded; “Our friendship didn’t happen to fast but me catching feelings happened too fast.”

Ebuka asked if she felt like she was the one who ‘pursued’ things between them, Lilo replied;

I just wanted to be his friend because at some point, I don’t know if you guys saw the conversation between me and him, I was literally telling him that oh Erica is like his babe and I am his sister and he turned it the other way like Erica is his twin and I am the babe he wants. All those things got me confused, got in my head.

When Ebuka asked her why she returned to Eric’s arm shortly after informing Big Brother that he is a distraction and will start withdrawing from him, she said;

That’s the thing. When I am by myself I think but once he is just there, it’s like my senses are all gone. I don’t know what he says or maybe me just being next to him. When I am by myself I think and I am like what am I doing?

That is why I had to tell Big Brother because it really got to me. Sometimes I would even tell him that I am f **ked and he would always laugh about it. I felt like he knew and he just took advantage of the fact that I was weak towards him being sweet, being my cuddle buddy and all that. I am also happy I left the house because I was getting out of my control.

When asked if she regrets the relationship with Eric, Lilo said; “Not regret but like yea, I f**ked up”.

She added that she would not be surprised if Eric moves on with another girl in the house, stressing;

He is a guy but I would be disappointed considering the fact that he said it so many times that he is not attracted to anybody else in the house and that they are not his type.

Those were the things I used against him, like Go and talk with someone else and he would always say I like your vibes and you are the one person I connect with. I felt like I was so into his words that I didn’t even notice like I wasn’t doing my own thing.

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