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Ben Anansi drops his debut album titled “Badyute”



Ben Anansi drops his debut album titled “Badyute”, today; 27th of November, 2020.

Anansi also called “Badyute” by his fans is a singer, rapper and songwriter who knows no boundaries between styles and genres, creating a style that’s unique and personal.

Elements of Reggae, Hip hop and Afrobeats can be heard in his songs which gives him broad appeal among different demographics.

In Badyute, Ben Anansi takes us through his life’s journey cutting through different genres with soothing melodies to accompany his style of delivery.

Ben Anansi teamed up with producers; Syn X, TUC, Ken 808, Marlon Easy, Saszy Afroshii, DY Grillo, STG, Bizzouch and collaborated with artists; Pixie, Bugzy Dvinci, Yaksta and OD to bring his debut album to life.

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