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Black Man Who Once Defended Police Killed by White Texas Police Officer



According to reports, a Black man named Jonathan Price was killed by a white Wolfe City police officer in Texas while trying to break up a domestic dispute between a couple.

The incident went down in Wolfe City, Texas, which is about 70 miles northeast of Dallas. An argument that turned physical between a couple was happening in a convenience store when Price tried to step in and break it up. However, the fight reportedly escalated outside. When cops got on the scene, they ended up shooting Price. According to civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt, police arrived at the scene, and Price had his hands raised in an attempt to explain the incident. However, police tased him then shot at him after he was perceived to be a threat while his body was convulsing from the shock of the taser.

This unfortunate news comes months after Price reportedly made a Facebook post where he said he didn’t have negative incidents with cops. In June 2020, Price reportedly defended police officers, saying he never had a bad experience with police officers and went on to point out his “addiction to white women.”

Texas rangers said that the shooting is currently being investigated, and that the police officer who shot Price is on administrative leave.

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