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Black Wall Street Begins Automatic Withdrawal Of Dividends Acquired Through Investment Points Gained From Regular Product Purchase On Redirect Mall.



Africa’s biggest and only platform for economic development, Black Wall Street (BWS) has begun the automatic withdrawal of dividends from investment points gained from regular product purchase on Redirect Mall.
The withdrawal which began on 5th October 2021 being the birthday of the founder of New Black Wall Street, Charles N Lambert, is a breakthrough for many investors all over the world who have put in their resources to buy a slot of the Universal Poverty Alleviation [UPAP] from BWS platform.

One of the investors, Ashaolu Oluwatimilehin James who withdrew on Tuesday morning, shared the good news in a video made available to newsmen, stating that he is very excited to be a part of the liberation program as he implored Africans to join the moment.
He said “This morning I withdrew directly into my bank account and I’m so happy”.

watch the videos below:

UPAP is a stock to the entire business operations of the Back Wall Street pegged at $100 per month in dividend and $30,000 in Cash-Out Value.
UPAP has been bought in over 56 countries in the world including the UK, US, Canada, France, Ireland, Australia, UAE including every single country in Africa.
A content service provider, Gabriel Nsofor captures the explanation of BWS as “an embodiment of financial freedom, a message of hope, an empowerment tool, a rare investment opportunity, a quest for economic recovery and the democracy of the African economy. ”
For months, organic investors have been receiving the monthly returns but could not withdraw it so this breakthrough is a welcome development.

There are still slots of this stock remaining and you can get yourself a slot. Do not be left out.


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