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Blood Affiliated Rapper YG Assures Cardi B Against Crips Threats



Cardi B might have opened a can of worms with a recent post where she appears to diss the Crips, leading to gang threats, just as she is about to embark on a trip to Los Angeles to perform three gigs during NBA All-Star Weekend. But Compton, Calif., rapper, YG, doesn’t seem to think she should be too worried.

On Tuesday (Feb. 6), drama flared after Cardi posted a photo of herself on Instagram.

In the pic, she poses with a royal blue fur coat on. “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin,” she captioned the photo.

This was seen as a slight to the Crips, because in gang culture Bloods often avoid using the letter “C,” as a dig at the other side, and to notify others where they stand.

After receiving threats, she deleted the caption and disabled the comments on the post.

The venues in Los Angeles where she is performing are taking the threats seriously, however, and are planning to beef up security when she performs.

TMZ recently spotted YG and asked the Blood-affiliated rapper if he thinks it’s a good idea for Cardi to come to Cali before this all dies down.

“The homegirl straight,” says YG. “She get love. She gets love from me, know what I’m saying.”

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