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Boris Johnson Self-Isolates After Contact Tests Positive For COVID-19



British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has gone into self-isolation after someone he was in contact with tested positive for COVID-19 virus.

A Downing Street spokesman who announced this on Sunday stated that;

He will carry on working from Downing Street, including on leading the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

It would be recalled that Johnson, 56, was hospitalised with coronavirus in April but time round, the spokesman said “the PM is well and does not have any symptoms of COVID-19”.

The prime minister was informed that he should self-isolate after being contacted by the country’s Test and Trace scheme.

The announcement comes after Johnson met a small group of Members of Parliament at Downing Street on Thursday, including one who subsequently developed symptoms of COVID-19 and has now tested positive.

Johnson contracted Covid-19 and was placed in intensive care where he spent three nights in April, later crediting hospital staff with saving his life.

The British leader back then said his coronavirus case was seriously worsened by being overweight, but that he had since lost 26 pounds (12 kilograms).

Last month, he joked;

I am going to continue that diet, because you’ve got to search for the hero inside of yourself, in the hope that that individual is considerably slimmer.

Britain has been the worst-hit country in Europe by the pandemic, recording over 50,000 deaths from some 1.2 million positive cases.

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