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Bradley Cooper Shares The One Scene Featuring Lady Gaga That Really Blew His Mind On A Star Is Born





A Star Is Born director Bradley Cooper shares the one scene featuring Lady Gaga that really blew his mind, even though he says it seems simple.

Bradley Cooper reveals the Lady Gaga scene in A Star Is Born that really blew his mind. After building a career as an actor, Cooper turned to directing for the first time with the 2018 film, one of several to adapt the same story over the course of Hollywood’s history. He starred in it across from Lady Gaga, and the project proved an enormous success with critics and audiences alike, earning multiple Oscar nominations.

Gaga’s role in the movie was a key draw in its early marketing, given her profile as a singer/songwriter and sparse filmography, and her performance proved to be one of the most acclaimed elements of A Star Is Born. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, and though she ultimately lost out to Olivia Colman for The Favourite, she did take home the golden statuette for Best Original Song for “Shallow.” As is tradition for the nominees in that category, Gaga and Cooper performed the song together live at the ceremony, and their obvious chemistry made it an obvious highlight of the broadcast.


While viewers fell in love with her performance in A Star Is Born, Cooper had the opportunity to watch her work up close throughout the shoot, and he has one specific moment that impressed him the most. In a discussion with director Ridley Scott set up by Variety, he recalls when they filmed the scene in which his musician character first brings hers up on stage at his concert, which ends up becoming the first big step on her ascendant career. Even though Lady Gaga is a veteran of concert performances in her own life, Cooper says he truly believed she was stepping out on that stage for the first time, which genuinely blew his mind. Check out his full quote below:


For me, working with her, I can remember the thing that blew my mind that seems simple, but I thought it was a tall order, is when my character brings Ally, the character she plays, on stage for the first time. I truly believed that that person had never been on a stage before. And I remember thinking, ‘How is she pulling this off, that I actually believe – on every level, as the director, as the character – that this person has never been in front of 20,000 people before?’ That was really kinda mind-blowing.

With the attention she received following her turn in A Star Is Born, viewers were very interested to see if Lady Gaga would continue to pursue a film career, and she returned to the silver screen again in 2021. The second of Scott’s two movies to release this year, House of Gucci, stars her as Patrizia Reggiani, whose ambitions to reshape the Gucci brand after marrying into the family eventually turn murderous. While the project itself has received mixed notices from critics, she has once again been singled out as a bright spot, with many wondering if she could find herself attending another Oscars ceremony early next year.

On top of her obvious talent, House of Gucci has performed the best of any adult-oriented drama in the pandemic era, signalling Lady Gaga also has the box-office draw required of a movie star. Regardless of whether she ends up contending for awards this season, her stock in Hollywood is on the rise, and a major career in film seems to be hers for the taking if she chooses to pursue it. Cooper also says in the same interview that he starts production on his next directorial project in the Spring, so fans will be hoping that it proves to be another collaboration between the two A Star Is Born actors.





Source: Variety

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