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Breaking News: Tekno Pana Hits 100Million Views on Youtube as styled by Kenepisode1



History is made, KenEpisode1 is the first Nigerian based stylist to style a video that hits 100 million views on YouTube ‘Pana By Tekno’ In an interview with Ken on this Historical record he said,

‘I Keep Achieving Different Heights all thanks to God. I have never been in a competition with anybody all my life. Today I’m so proud of my self, and how far i have come, Tekno – Pana, a video styled by me just hit 100 million views’ wow, i feel so happy and i thank God for the grace and inspiration. its a Proud Moment for us all .

Thank you

Check out stylings by ken on his official social media pages

Instagram : @kenepisode1
Twitter : @kenepisode1
Snapchat : @kenepisode1
Facebook : Kennedy Phillip

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