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British-Nigerian Actor, Nonso Anozie Stars Alongside Rihanna & Donald Glover In ‘Guava Island’



It’s recently been revealed that British-Nigerian actor, Nonso Anozie, one of the most underrated Hollywood performers of Nigerian descent, is starring alongside Rihanna and Donald Glover in the upcoming film, Guava Island.

The trailer for the exciting project premiered at Donald Glover’s PHAROS festival in New Zealand, and while the tiny clip that has been circulating the internet is courtesy of a dutiful fan who tried their best to record it, we still see enough to get us sufficiently hyped.

Shot in Cuba and directed by Hiro Murai (Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”), the clip reveals that Rihanna will be playing Donald Glover’s love interest; and joining Anozie as the movie’s other non-musically inclined co-star is Black Panther breakout, Letitia Wright.

While no official release date or proper plot synopsis has actually been revealed for Guava Island, the exciting cast, talented director and beautiful location is more than enough to shoot this up to the top of our must-watch films list for 2019.

Watch the tiny trailer below:

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