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Buhari Asked Me If He Was A Fascist Like Adolf Hitler And I Said Yes – Naja’atu



During a recent interview, Naja’atu Muhammad narrated the role she played in the emergence of president Buhari in the Nigerian politics. Naja’atu who was a member of APP at the time revealed tat she was one of the first persons Buhari met when he wanted to contest for the presidency under APP.

Naja’atu continued by saying when Buhari met her to solicit for her support, she refused because she believed Buhari was a fascist and that she had written an article about Buhari when she was the SUG president of ABU. She further said Buhari then gave her a brochure and explanation of what happened between him and other past military leaders like IBB which she believed.

Naja’atu said after that encounter with Buhari she didn’t come back to Abuja or Kano but rather went to Kebbi in order to put up a political structure for Buhari and that Buhari is still sitting on her structure. He said Buhari cut off 99% of the people that brought him in as soon as he was sworn in.

In her words, “When Buhari came in, he said he wanted me to assist him and I should meet him in Kaduna. When I went to see him on that Wednesday, I said ‘sir is it true that you are in APP to contest presidential election?’ He said ‘yes and I need your support’. I told him I won’t support him, he said why and I told him ‘because you’re a fascist. When I was president of Ahmadu Bello University SU, I wrote an article on Buhari and fascism. And he said Naja, you mean fascist like Hitler? And I said yes. So he gave me a brochure of what happened between him and the IBBs. Apparently he was lying but I believed him then”

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