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Car Crash Lands Offset In Hospital



On Wednesday night (May 16) Offset was reportedly hospitalized for a brief time after he crashed his green Dodge Challenger in Atlanta. According to reports, no law enforcement or medical personnel were called to the scene, thus no accident or police report was produced.


But TMZ has managed to get its hands on pictures of the wreckage and it is safe to say that the expecting father is lucky to be alive. Not much detail has surfaced about what caused the accident, but Cardi B is said to have been there right away for her fiancee. He’d reportedly receive permission to check himself out with only minor injury after a brief stint in the emergency room.

It has been a rough patch for Offset, with him reportedly losing his jewelry in the same hotel that him and Cardi were leaving when their body guards attacked a naggy autograph seeker some weeks ago.

Offset’s crash came on the same night that Mac Miller was arrested for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. He too was involved in a crash after he wrecked his G-Wagon in California. As of Thursday morning, the Pittsburgh lyricist remained behind bars on $15,000 bail.



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