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Cardi B Becomes First Ever Female Rapper With Three #1 Singles On The Billboard 100



Cardi B has made yet another stride with the Billboard charts since becoming the first female rapper to have three #1 tracks on the Billboard 100.

Maroon 5’s Cardi assisted track “Girls Like You” is sitting at #2 on the chart, while “I Like It” sits on number #3 and “Ring” is a bit lower at #56.

The celebratory announcement is yet another example for Cardi to prove her ranking and success when it comes to the beef between her and Nicki Minaj.

After their NYFW brawl, Nicki claimed Cardi’s career was built off payola and sympathy. Since then Cardi has been posting Instagram posts proving her hard work with past performances and numerous award nominations.

“I love both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and I think that they are extremely talented—and in a time when [Serena Williams] is fighting for women’s equality, we just can’t be fighting,” Kelly Rowland said of the beef.

“There’s no time for us as women to fight, and they are just so talented, and I just genuinely love them both so much, but it’s just not the time. We have way bigger issues as women, you know what I mean? So I don’t know. I’m Switzerland, I don’t f*cking know.”

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