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Cardi B Says Her Break Up With Offset Isn’t Publicity Stunt



In a recent Instagram Live session, Cardi took a moment to refer to address the murmurings about a potential publicity stunt, setting the record straight with a firm message.

“I just really hate how people say we trying to do this for publicity, think we want to put our life out there for what — what we gain from publicity? Nothing.”

She went on tear apart claims that herentire marriage to Offset was staged to further her career.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of people say that my relationship was fake. Bitch, there’scertain things called love, people do fall in love. Like my relationship was never fake. I met this n*gga, he was on my ass, I gave him a chance and we fell in love with each other.”

Cardi highlighted the flawed logic behind some of the stories telling viewers that she would not become pregnant to attract publicity,

“But we never did anything for publicity, bitch. You think I got f*c king pregnant, could have ruined my career for f*cking Publicity? I learned a lot, I ain’t really know much about the music industry and you know my husband helped me. He made me wiser. He let me open my eyes to a lot of things, and even though we are not together anymore, I learned a lot.”

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