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Colombian University Students Protest Against Mini Skirt disapproval



Students of a university in Medellin, northwest Colombia on Friday staged a peaceful protest against “sexism” after the school advised female students not to wear miniskirts, the school official said.


The Pontifical Bolivarian University, known as UPB, had last month posted “advise” for female students, asking them to avoid wearing miniskirts to class so that they would not distract classmates and teachers.

Students started an online campaign with the hashtag “#UPBEnFalda”, “UPB in miniskirts”.

A student, Helena Munera, tweeted that they were protesting not for the right to wear miniskirts but to put an end to messages that encouraged disrespect of women.

After the outcry across the campus, the UPB deleted the advice, saying it had been meant only as a general suggestion and advice.

The institution said it “respects the right to express personalities, and has never imposed a dress code on students.”

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