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COVID-19: Nigeria Records 1005 New Cases, 24 Deaths





Nigeria reported 24 COVID-19 deaths on Friday, the country’s second highest daily death toll since the first case of the virus was recorded last February.

The latest figure which indicated a significant increase from the eight deaths recorded in the previous 24 hours raised Nigeria’s fatality toll to 1,734 in total.

Also on Friday, Nigeria reported 1,005 new cases, according to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The total coronavirus infections recorded in Nigeria is now 144,521.






The 1,005 new cases were reported from 19 states – Lagos (204), Kwara (155), Oyo (124), Plateau (80), FCT (75), Edo (56), Osun (48), Ondo (41), Kaduna (40), Rivers (40), Taraba (35), Borno (32), Ekiti (21), Ogun (20), Kano (14), Bayelsa (8), Delta (7), Bauchi (3) and Jigawa (2).

Lagos had the highest toll in Friday’s tally with 204 new cases, followed by Kwara and Oyo with 155 and 124 infections respectively.

Nigeria on January 30 recorded its highest daily death tally of 27 deaths to topple the previous record of 23 deaths reported on January 15.

About 69 died from COVID-19 complications last week while 76 died in the previous week.






Of the over 144,000 new cases, a total of 118,866 patients have recovered across the country.

Meanwhile, there are nearly 25,000 patients still receiving treatments in isolation centers.

Since the pandemic broke out in February last year, the country has carried out over 1.3 million tests.

Nigeria has yet to receive its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines with the country expecting its first 16 million doses this month.

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