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Cryptocurrency Site Disappears with Millions & Leaves 1-Word Message: ‘Penis’



A seemingly innocent start-up company abandoned investors leaving behind only one message.


For health nuts, Prodeum was the answer everyone has been waiting for. It posed as an amateur company whose goal was to create a more sustainable lifestyle for society. They pulled in attention with promises of producing healthy food choices using specific crypto technology to maintain organic vegetables.

IB Times
 reported that investors couldn’t wait to put millions into the audacious baby organization with expectations that only the freshest fruits and vegetables would be delivered to homes and stores. The company that claimed to be based in Lithuania, published press releases that explained their process of using Ethereum blockchains to label produce.

Prodeum’s product manager, Rokas Vedluga, shared how “excited” they were to “bring this remarkable new technology to the world.” Unfortunately, the world wouldn’t get the chance to see how “remarkable” it was because the whole thing was a scam.

Just recently, the scheme went viral when a simple visit to the Prodeum website didn’t provide information on the start-up but only read the word “penis.”

Before making off with assumed millions from investors, the company deleted all LinkedIn professional profiles and pictures that seemed to have been stolen from other unrelated pages.


Image: Cryptocurrency Site Disappears w/ Millions, Leaves 1-Word Message: 'Penis' Image #2

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