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Dark Skinned Strippers Go On Strike In New York



New York strip clubs are set to face a shortage in strippers, as dark-skinned strippers in New York have gone on strike. According to reports, the strippers went on strike due to racist club owners. It was noted that NYC clubs have allegedly been practicing “severe discrimination” against dark-skinned dancers who want to cash out on big nights that are hosted by celebrities. Some of the club owners have gone as far as banning the women from the VIP section, or not letting them dance on that night at all.

DJ Kay Slay addressed the issues via his Instagram, saying, ”What I do understand and acknowledge is that there is RACISM against black woman in most of these NY strip clubs! It has been going on for a while now it didn’t just start? At some of my events when it’s celebrities in the VIP I have to grab the black women by their hands and pull them into VIP. My last event this security clown would not let a black dancer in VIP, I told him it’s my event let her up there, this fool told me no. I told him you getting paid tonight because of me let her up, he still shook his head, Now we was about to get on his skull , but I wasn’t about to f—k up my own event, so I had to get a manager to check his dumb ass, then I removed his stupid ass from his post!!”

One Instagram user posted a video of Cardi B during her VladTV interview speaking on the issues black women face in the exotic dancer world, and then chimed in with her thoughts on the NYC stripper strike as well. The woman wrote, “She not lying I saw it with my own eyes. Promoters would straight up lie and say there was no space.. or see dark-skinned shortys in the dressing room and make them get dressed and leave because they was too black!!!”


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