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Dave Joins Ed Sheeran On New Song, ‘Nothing On You’



Ed Sheeran released his fourth album, No.6 Collaborations Project, a project choc-a-bloc with notable assists from the likes of Cardi B and Travis Scott. One track that really stands out, however, is “Nothing On You”, featuring lesser-known stars, Paolo Londra and British-Nigerian rapper, Dave.

The fantastic “Nothing On You” opens with an instantly captivating beat, produced by the multitalented British beatsmith, Fred Gibson. Ed Sheeran hops on the track, singing about the girl he loves, as well as his nighttime plans to get drunk and go home with her.

Paulo Londra takes over effortlessly with a lively verse, which he delivers entirely in Spanish. Dave’s contribution appears on the song’s closing verse. As usual, he is incredible on the track, sharing clever bars that paint him similarly as enamoured as Ed Sheeran.

Listen to “Nothing On You” below:

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