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Dele Alli Ignores Nigerian father as he celebrates 2018 World Cup quarter-final win with adoptive family



England star Dele Alli has continued to ignore his Nigerian father Kehinde as he celebrated their 2018 World Cup quarter-final win over Sweden with his adoptive family.

Alli was born in Milton Keynes, the United Kingdom in April 1996 to Kehinde and an English woman Denise. Kehinde who was in the United Kingdom studying for a Masters at De Montfort University had met Denise at a nightclub.

The England international has, however, cut ties with his father and mum.

He stayed with his dad in Nigeria for a year and the United States before moving to England at the age of 11 to focus on football.

While in England, Alli moved in with a family of one of his teammates at his first club MK Dons Harry Hickford. He refers to them as his ‘adoptive parents’ although they never legally adopted him.

After scoring in England’s win over Sweden in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup, it was his adoptive family he celebrated with.

In an Instagram photo shared by his girlfriend Ruby Mae, Alli is seen with his partner, Hickford and his friend’s parents Alan and Sally.

Alli regards his girlfriend, Mae, Hickford and his parents as his only true family as he continues to stay away from his dad Kehinde and mum Denise.

In an interview with Sunday Mirror in early 2018, his real parents Kehinde and Denise say they do not understand why the Tottenham midfielder has cut them off his life.

According to them, Alli gradually began to withdraw from them after signing his professional contract with MK Dons at the age of 16. He last spoke to his mum in 2015.

Both Kehinde and Denise have made a series of ­attempts to see Dele, either by attending Tottenham games, visiting the training ground and even by joining stadium tours.

The midfielder stopped answering their phone calls, he stayed away from family events before cutting ties completely.

Denise revealed that she tried to talk to Alli after a game at White Hart Lane in 2017 but the midfielder simply ignored her and walked to his car.

Kehinde who is a millionaire oil, gas and technology entrepreneur has made several trips to London from Houston to try to reunite with his son.

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