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Did Cristiano Ronaldo marry Georgina Rodriguez in Saudi Arabia?



Social media feeds were rife with rumours that football star Cristiano Ronaldo had ‘finally married’ his longtime girlfriend, Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, in a ceremony in Saudi Arabia.

A number of Netizens have been sharing this photo as ‘proof’:

However, eagle-eyed social media users were quick to call out the ‘fake news’. It was actually a wedding photo of US pop star Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez that was manipulated to make it look like they were Ronaldo and Rodriguez.

As of January 25, there have been no official reports that football star has married model.

The photo was shared on Facebook on January 9, 2023, alongside a caption that reads: “Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo married his girlfriend Georgina. The wedding took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.”

Comments on the post suggested some users believed the photo was real — with one replying, “That’s awesome! Congratulations!”

The misinformation circulated online after the former Manchester United player moved to Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr.

Following his move to Riyadh, international media outlets reported that Ronaldo and Rodriguez may be allowed to break the conservative Saudi Arabian law that prohibits unmarried individuals from living together.

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