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DJ A-Tech To Hold “Tym Out With DJ A-Tech 2.0” On June 23 In Ilorin



Ace DJ A-Tech is set to hold the second edition of his Summer Event Tym Out With DJ A-Tech 2.0 in Ilorin, Kwara State.




About The Event

Tym Out With DJ A-Tech is an innovative concept aimed at improving the social sector in Kwara State. It is a show designed to bring laughter, fun and good music to everyone. It involves the use of performances in Music, Dance and Comedy to execute it’s earlier stated intentions.  To this extent, it can also serve as a tool to improve Kwara State Entertainment. It also aims at being an annual show to promote the aforementioned goals.
As regards the earlier stated goals, Tym out with DJ A-Tech 1.0 was a huge success which involved alot of people, looking to relax, have fun and dance.  There were a lot of performances in dance, music and comedy.  Reflecting on this past glory, we want to make Tym out with DJ A-Tech 2.0 a bigger and better experience which would involve a variety of new concepts (although not forgetting to infuse some of the old concepts).
The Main Aims Of The Event are:
1. A bridge to improve Kwara State Entertainment Sector.
2. A common bonding ground for the old and young; also a means of uniting people from all walks of life.
3. Promoting good music alongside other talents.
4. It also aims at promoting and developing social skills as a medium for expressing oneself (Upcoming Artists, Dance crews etc).

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