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Donald Trump Wants To Invite Kanye West To The White House



Donald Trump is thinking about inviting Kanye West to the White House for dinner, sources claim in a report from The Daily Beast .

To the horror of many fans, Kanye praised Trump on Twitter earlier this week, as well as sharing a photo of himself wearing a Make America Great Again hat, eventually receiving an approving tweet from the
president. Following the interaction, it’s now being alleged that Trump is considering bringing West in for a visit.

Two sources close to the president have told the Daily Beast that Trump is mulling over Kanye coming in for an Oval Office photo opp or for dinner, reportedly asking associates and aides about it.

One of the sources reportedly couldn’t tell if Trump was “kidding,” as well as
saying that Trump has brought up that Kanye “always said wonderful” things about him. So far, those are the only details
disclosed about another possible meeting between the two.

Last August, Kanye shocked fans when he met with Trump at Trump tower . Earlier this week, he stated that despite his praise for the president, he does not agree with everything Trump stands for .

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