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Dorime Areno: Listen To The Trending TikTok Song



Ameno” is a song by French new-age musical project Era (stylized as +eRa+). It was released in June 1996 as a single from their self-titled debut album Era.

Although it may seem like the song originated from the dark corners of your own subconscious, it actually dates back to 1996. That year, the French New-Age music project (a cursed phrase in and of itself) +eRa+ released their first song “Ameno.” The song’s intro is the source of the clip that’s now gone viral on TikTok. “Ameno,” by the way, was actually a top 10 hit in France, Belgium and Sweden and charted in Germany and Iceland as well.


The song became a viral TikTok hit in June 2020, almost 25 Years after being recorded.


On the social network, it’s colloquially known as a the “Ameno Dorime” song. It’s a hunting little ditty that features a pitch-altered Gregorian chant over unsettling, sparse electronic music, and is generally reserved for soundtracking the most cursed content on the app found in the dark corners of an area known as “alt TikTok.”


Unsurprisingly, the song did not manage to make the trip over the Atlantic, but has lingered around the internet ever since. The altered version of the intro began to go viral in late 2020, and eventually arrived on TikTok in the middle of the pandemic in March. Its haunting power shows no signs of stopping.

The audio sounds like accidentally taking a wrong turn and walking into the middle of a very strange, but very serious occult ritual. But its versatility makes it something like the cursed cousin of the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song—a perfect musical cue for when things are just a little bit off, and unsettling so. Of course, it finds new resonance at a time when things are actually unsettling, and it does seem like half the people on your Facebook feed have joined some strange cult with bizarre logic.


Listen below;



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