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Drake Donates $5k To Fortnite Gamer



ust as they had done a couple weeks ago, when Travis Scott & Ju Ju Smith-Schuster had joined them to break a Twitch streaming record, Drake & famous Twitch gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins hopped online Tuesday night and decided to play some more Fortnite again.

Drake, who plays on PlayStation 4 under the handle TheBoyDuddus, is a huge Fortnite fan who says he got acquainted with Ninja by watching him play on Twitch and seeing highlight reel on social

In Tuesday night’s stream, Drake appeared to be playing from a recording studio in London, with Drake mentioning potential latency issues from playing on the EU server.

The two had secured at least one duos victory, and they decided to play one more before Drake had “to go to work.” The final game the pair played involved Drake pledging to donate $5,000 to Ninja’s stream if he secured victory, which he did with an impressive 16 kills.

Drake said he was a “man of his word,” and asked for the appropriate details to donate the money.

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