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How I Edit My Instagram Pictures



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I’ve been approached by a lot of people asking how I edit my pictures or what phone I make use of. Some even ask if I make use of a camera because of the quality of my pictures.

Today, I’ll be teaching you exactly how I edit my pictures. Hopefully you get to take badass and clear pictures like I do.


• The first rule of taking a clear picture is finding the perfect lighting spot. I always find a location with light yet slightly shaded so my face isn’t too light.

• The next thing to have is a good camera. I make use of an iphone. Iphone 6s. I somewhat think one can take clear pictures with iPhone 5s but iphone 6 and 6s takes good position as well. iphone 7 makes you sooo fine😭 while iphone 8 and X are out of this world. If you can afford to get yourself a camera, I’d advise your get a Canon t7i or Canon D700.

• Most times, I tease my friends, colleagues or cousins into taking my pictures. Always make sure your pictures are taken by people you’re comfortable with. So you can change your styles as you like and you can get them to take more pictures if you’re not okay with the ones taken earlier.

• Finally, the editing stage. My favorite editing app is “Facetune”. In it are some features which I find interesting to use.

•• With the option, you can; smothing your skin, whiten your background or any of your white outfit. You can also make your skin and outfit glow, you can add details to your outfit to make the edges sharp and clear.

•• Filter- The filter that goes well for me is GS2 and NF2. After several trial, you’ll come to know which filter makes your pictures pop.

•• Paint- The paint option helps you look darker than your actual skin colour. Many of the ladies who form ‘teammelanin’, make use of the paint feature. *shhhhh* 🤫 let’s keep it a secret😊

•• Adjust- I make use of the Adjust feature to reduce the brightness of my pictures when the sunlight makes my face too bright, making me look lightskinned 😑. I increase the brightness when the picture doesn’t have enought light to support it, as in the featured image, you can see that the “After” picture looks lighter after brightening it.

In the Adjust option are several other useful tools like “the color feature”, to tune my pictures when they look boring. “The Sharpen Feature” to sharpen my pictures and make them look super clear, like I used a camera to take them.

With the Factune app, you can blur your background with the Defocus feature.

Now you know how I edit my pictures. I hope you find these tips useful. Let me know your review of the app. I don’t mind you sharing your edited pictures and if you need me to discuss on a particular trend or topic, kindly share or DM me on Instagram @mushraffah

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