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Fans Poke Fun At Pep Guardiola After He Says He Remembers Watching Manchester United’s Treble In 1999 ‘As A Little Boy’



Fans have poked fun at Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola for saying he watched Manchester United win the treble (premier league, Champions league and FA Cup) at the Camp Nou ‘as a little boy’.

Manchester City are looking to win a treble with the Premier League title already secured and finals in the FA Cup and Champions League still to come.

When asked about how difficult it will be to take down United and Inter Milan in the next two finals, Guardiola got his timelines mixed up.

“I start to think about the treble and if we are able to go to Istanbul with the two titles in the pocket, now I can consider that OK, we won one title we could do it,” Guardiola began.

“But look at United, it was once in a lifetime in the UK and the way they won against Bayern Munich in Camp Nou, I was there as a little boy, how they won it.”

Fans were quick to jump on the comment, posting pictures of Guardiola at the age of 28, in 1999, when the match was played.

Guardiola was in fact in his final years at Barcelona when United completed their famous comeback win over Bayern Munich.

He also got some heat for another comment from Celtic fans when he said it was ‘once in a lifetime in the UK.’

The Scottish side in fact achieved the feat in 1967 when they won all four trophies on offer, becoming the first British team to become European champions.

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