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Fans React After Photos Of Firmino Preaching Surfaces On the Internet



Beautiful Pictures of Liverpool Forward Roberto Firmino Preaching the Gospel Passionately Surface Online
Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino, was seen publicly sharing the gospel of God as he notified the public on the truthful word of God through his official Instagram account.



Many people have continued to react after Liverpool player, Roberto Firmino noted that any one who encounter Christ would never remain the same, and fans are very happy to see him preaching the words of God.

In his words, Roberto Firmino stated;

“It is impossible to encounter God and remain the same.”

While reacting to the words of Roberto Firmino, many people noted that Roberto Firmino have shown how much he love God and the things of God despite being a celebrity, and they hope to see him maintain his love and time for God.

Others noted that Roberto Firmino is an example for not just footballers but all spheres of life, and they hope God will give him more grace.

Below is a screenshot of how fans reacted to the words of Roberto Firmino;

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