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As the Buhari administration continues a wind down of its first term, the approval of contracts again took the attention of the Federal Executive Council.

Power was top on the agenda with council approving the purchase of two hundred thousand, two hundred and seventeen meters under the Meter Asset Provider Scheme at a cost of eleven point two billion naira.
The provision of pre-paid meters should ordinarily be the responsibility of the power distribution companies, but the slow pace with which they are going about this task, is what prompted government’s introduction of the Meter Asset Provider Scheme.
But even this scheme is now generating controversy with Nigerians accusing government of exploiting them with the introduction of purchase fees for meters.
The Minister of Power is passionate about correcting this impression
Also approved by Council this week, is the purchase of grains to reinforce the National Grains reserve. 61,000 tonnes of maize millet and sorghum are to be purchased at the cost
of 7.9 billion Naira
In addition to the purchase of the grains, government is also treating the grains against an infestation known as Aflatoxin which has been confirmed to be a threat to the liver and kidney of consumers
Finally the cabinet approved the construction of an interchange and pedestrian bridge at the Abaji end of the Abuja Lokoja expressway at a cost of seven point one billion Nair

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