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First Transgender Recruit Joins The American Army



The first transgender recruit has officially signed up for the U.S. military since the White House called for the ban of all such individuals from serving in the armed forces, the Pentagon confirmed Monday.

The individual signed their service contract on Friday, after meeting a slew of physical, psychological and medical requirements before being considered for military service, Pentagon spokesman Maj. David Eastburn told The Washington Times. The Defense Department declined to comment on which branch the individual joined or whether the recruit, who wished to remain anonymous, signed up as a serviceman or servicewoman.

News of the enlistment comes as the Trump administration is weighing the recommendations of Defense Secretary James Mattis on whether transgender troops should be allowed into the military. Department spokesman Col. Rob Manning told reporters on Monday that Mr. Mattis’s guidance had been sent to the White House and is currently under review.

He declined to comment on the details of the Pentagon’s recommendations, or conversations between Mr. Mattis and the Trump administration on the issue, noting that such conversations with the president “are confidential.”

Mr. Mattis‘ recommendations were based on the findings of a department-led review late last year, Col. Manning said. That review found that stated transgendered troops could remain in the U.S. military, under certain conditions.

The Pentagon chief was expected to deliver his recommendations on the future of transgender individuals in the U.S. military last week, but Mr. Mattis and his staff required more time to fully delve into the complexities of allowing

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