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#GameOfThrones Season 7: All The Fan Theories You Need To Know About Sansa And Arya



One thing that appears to have set #GameOfThrones apart from other shows is how the fan theories sometimes comes true.

#GameOfThrones Season 7: All The Fan Theories You Need To Know About Sansa And Arya

#GameOfThrones Season 7: All The Fan Theories You Need To Know About Sansa And Arya


From the theory of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark being the parents of Jon Snow coming true, any good follower keen on keeping up with the intricacies of #GameOfThrones knows better than to discard fan theories.

One theory that you may have to concern yourself with is that regarding Sansa and Arya Stark. The Stark children have come a long way since Season 1 of #GameOfThrones where all we saw of them then was playful bickering in Winterfell.

With Rob and Rickon Stark dead, and Bran going from an inquisitive boy that loves climbing to a cripple and mystical sage and Jon Snow going from being a disrespected bastard to the King of the North, they have surely come a long way.

The Stark ladies are also not left out has they perhaps have the most interesting transformation which has led to the new #GameOfThrones fan theory about Arya and Sansa, pointing to the perfect culmination of their growth.

Sansa stark

Sansa and Arya have been apart from season 1 of #GameOfThrones but that is about to change. With Arya taking a U-turn with her horse in episode 2 of season 7 and heading to Winterfell, we ate inching closer to a sisterly reunion we have been waiting for.

Even though the sisters didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye when they were kids, now that Arya is a ruthless, face-changing assassin and Sansa is a revenge-bent strategist that has garnered knowledge on how to play the intricate political game of Westeros, the two are sure to get along better as the show progresses.

Arya Stark

One prevailing fan theory is that Sansa and Arya will get along better and become a major power house when the duo reunite this season. And this theory lays credence to two pieces of dialogue spoken by Sansa and Arya towards the end of Season 6 of #GameOfThrones.

If you can recall, Arya finally earned the title of “No One” from Jaqen H’ghar after training with the Faceless Men in season 6. The very next episode of the show saw Sansa that was still married to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, telling Jon Snow that “no one” can protect her.

Sansa’s choice of words are pretty interesting as it could mean that her true protector is finally on her way to Winterfell.

The pairing of Sansa and Arya will make a lot of sense as they are two of the most revenge-driven characters in Westeros, and they share most of the same enemies which are presently the Lannisters.

With Sansa’s knowledge of the inner workings of the political system of Westeros and also a deep knowledge of how Cersei thinks, coupled with Arya’s assassin skills, the two could make an incredible pair that can pretty much destroy whoever they want if they team up.



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