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Gilbert Arenas Puts Pornstar Mia Khalifa On Blast For Sliding In His DMs



Arenas shuts down Mia Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa has made a habit out of putting athletes, whether collegiate or professional, on blast when they slide into her DMs but recently its the athletes who are airing her out.

A few weeks ago, Oklahoma Sooners star quarterback Baker Mayfield shut down Mia Khalifa and blocked her on twitter after she repeatedly tried to get his attention. Today, it was Gilbert Arenas’ turn to expose the thirst in his DMs.

Agent Zero recently shared a screenshot of some of the direct messages Khalifa had sent him last week, including her failed attempts to get dinner and drinks with him. Arenas captioned the post,

@miakhalifa would slide in my dm #fortheD 😂😂the thirst is real since backpage is gone 😂😂😂this #Bihhh has no room for negotiations with me.. $150 or you better slide into #nelly dm for that raw dick behind a #walmart 😬😬”

Will assume Mia Khalifa was referring to the former Wizards point guard when she tweeted this:

Check out Gilbert’s IG post below.


Although Mia Khalifa appears to have taken a couple Ls in recent weeks, she’s been on the other end of those DM exchanges more than a handful of times and has never been shy to share with the public.

Just last month she publicly called out Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras on social media for repeatedly trying to get her attention via twitter DM. The 25-year old star had been trying to get Mia’s attention for a little over a month before she finally aired him out.

Mia previously bodybagged former Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly, who had tried to get her attention not once, but twice, and was promptly rejected both teams. Former Buffalo Bills safety, Duke Johnson, also felt Mia’s wrath back in 2015 when he dared to trespass into her DMs.

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