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Global coronavirus deaths hits 1.5 million



The number of coronavirus deaths recorded across the globe crossed 1.5 million on Thursday, according to Worldometer.

Since the virus broke out in Wuhan, China, last year, it has spread to 214 countries and territories around the world, infecting over 65.2 million.

Over 45 million people have survived the deadly virus.

The United States of America, Brazil and India have respectively recorded the highest number deaths as a result of coronavirus pandemic.

The United States has recorded over 289,000 deaths as a result of coronavirus pandemic, while 14.3 persons have tested positive for the virus.

In Brazil, over 174,000 have died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic; while a total of 6.4 million cases have been recorded.

Over 138,000 people have been killed by coronavirus in India; while over 9.5million cases have been recorded.

Despite having the largest black population on earth with over 200 million, Nigeria has a comparatively low infection and death rates. Data released by the disease control office showed the country has 67, 960 total infections with 1177 deaths.

Nearly a year into the crisis, several countries are still implementing various levels of lockdown to curb the virus, with severe consequences for economic and social activities around the world.

Last month, Pfizer and BioNtech announced that a vaccine for the virus has been discovered. The vaccine, according to Pfizer and BioNtech, has demonstrated 95 percent efficacy against coronavirus.

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