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Google Gives Users The Power Of The Gauntlet As It Launches Thanos Snap Effect



‘Hear me and rejoice’! Amid the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ hype, Google has introduced a cool new trick for people to experience the power of Thanos on the internet.

The wait is finally over as Avengers: Endgame will officially be released today as an epic end to the massive 22-film saga. And the hype is as real as it gets.
Search giant Google has joined in the fun with a cool trick for users for users to experience the power of Thanos’ iconic snap which rid the world of half its people.

All you have to do is enter ‘Thanos’ into the Google search bar. The search results will appear ordinary in the first glance. But on the right, where the character name appears, is also a small clickable image of the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos wore on his arm in Avengers: Infinity War to wield all the Infinity stones.
Then, you click on the Gauntlet, which is in place of the usual share button. There’s a snap of fingers, and half of your search results will disappear, nay, they’ll just turn to dust, much like many iconic characters from Marvel did in the previous film. Google even shows you an updated count of the search results on the upper left corner which is half of the original number.

Google also allows you to reverse the effect of the snap. Users can simply click on the Infinity Gauntlet once more and the removed search results will be back on the screen.

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