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Hair Trends To Welcome 2022



Just before the arrival of the new year, we zoom in on all these hair trends that we need to know in order to dare a refresh in our hair, from the most sought after haircuts and colors, to the trending hairstyles . The answer to all our questions is given by the leading companies and their proposals for Spring 2022, which prepare us for a radical renewal. The source of inspiration will be the 70s and 90s and in many cases the icons that we will copy are the supermodels like Cindy Crawford or Linda Evangelista. This of course means volume, self-confidence and sex appeal, which start from our hair.

The mini bob
The new frame is modern, minimal and sleek. The trick to having a natural movement and avoiding a flat effect, is to create a light filing at the edges, as we saw in the Alberta Ferretti collection.

To glossy black
The black hair of the new season is shiny and well-groomed, with a glossy finish. This means that they need care to look healthy.

Straight hair
The spring of 2022 is definitely defined by the full- bodied hair we saw at the Chanel and Versace shows.

Shaved hair
The buzz cut is bold but also very edgy. What is certain is that it turns all eyes on the face and does not go unnoticed.

The warm brown
If you want to dare the blonde color but hesitate, try the warm brown with highlights in caramel and honey shade.

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